“What is the purpose of pain?…It’s instructive.  It warns of impending events.  Pain precedes change.  It is a tool.”

-Jill Alexander Essbaum, Hausfrau

“They know that tragedy is not glamorous.  They know it doesn’t play out in life as it does on a stage or between the pages of a book.  It is neither a punishment meted out nor a lesson conferred.  Its horrors are not attributable to one single person.”

– E. Lockhart, We Were Liars

“All that matters in this life is that you try. All that matters is that you open your heart, give everything you have, and keep trying.”

-Taylor Jenkins Reid, After I Do

“Every morning when I wake up I forget for a fraction of a second that you are gone and I reach for you.  All I ever find is the cold side of the bed.  My eyes settle on the picture of us in Paris, on the bedside table, and I am overjoyed that even though the time was brief I loved you and you loved me.”

Craigslist Posting, Chicago 2009, qtd in Taylor Jenkins Reid’s Forever Interrupted

“Have you ever heard of supernovas?  They shine brighter than anything else in the sky and then fade out really quickly, a short burst of extraordinary energy.  I like to think you and Ben were like that…in that short time, you had more passion than some people have in a lifetime.”

-Taylor Jenkins Reid, Forever Interrupted

“Looking back we should have taken photographs…of all the unhappiness…coz now my mind’s playing tricks on me…I forget we’re not meant to be.”

Katy Perry, Vogue, July 2013