“Editors were neither seen nor heard of…they were figures worthy of L. Frank Baum, wizards who wielded their magic from behind their version of the curtain – the magazine page.”

Anna Wintour, Vogue The Editor’s Eye

“Humanity has read, hoarded, discarded and demanded books for centuries; for centuries books have been intimately woven into our sense of ourselves, into the means by which we find out who we are and who we want to be.  They have never been mere physical objects – paper pages of a certain size and weight printed with text and sometimes images, bound together on the left – never just cherished or reviled reminders of school-day torments, or mementos treasured as expressions of bourgeois achievement, or icons of aristocratic culture.  They have been all these things and more.  They have been instruments of enlightenment.”
-Elisabeth Sifton

“In these rooms, the world’s vast hissing tangle of shadows burns away, all its treacherous grays are honed to the stark purity of a bare blade, two-edged: cause and effect, good and evil. To me, these rooms are beautiful. I go into them the way a boxer goes into a ring: intent, invincible, home.”

Tana French, Broken Harbor”

“Somewhere far inside my spine and deep in the palms of my hands, something hummed; like a sound too low to hear, like a warning, like a cello string when a tuning fork strikes the perfect tone to call it awake.”

Tana French, Broken Harbor