Go Country For a Day

Ever wonder why country boots are so popular down south? It’s because they are not only durable, but comfy as well. I may not be a fan of denim shirts, country music or southern fried chicken, but cute and comfy I can do.

I realize that cowboy boots are on their way out of style in the fashion world, but I don’t always follow all the rules. My boots aren’t exactly cowboy, but they are western. I found them last year on a random trip to dsw and was convinced to purchase them. I almost didn’t get them, but a year later, I’m glad that I did because I’ve gotten a lot of use out of them.

There’s something carefree and charming about these boots, especially when paired with a dress. They give a little something more than flats, heels or sandals, and keep your feet comfy while you wear them. When the weather is a bit warmer, I do this thing where I put together no two outfits alike: prim and proper, casually suburban, summer beach-y. But I have to say that carefree country may be my favorite because I can be girly yet comfortable. Anything goes!

Every so often my bff and I have country days, and we’re having one this weekend. They are always a blast. So, next time there is a cool day (aka below 80 degrees) like there is today, dust off your boots, put on a floral dress and go.


Summer is Unofficially Here

This past weekend is one that we look forward to all winter – especially with the one we just had, the temperatures hitting record lows, and a blanket of snow that never seemed to leave – the unofficial start to summer, and what a weekend it was.

Though it started off with some showers, most of the weekend was hot (temperatures reached the mid-80s) and, more importantly, full of sun. During the rainy periods I watched movies with a friend, cooked and ran errands, and during the better half of the weekend I was out soaking up the sun, iced latte in hand and doused in spf.

While autumn is my favorite season of the year for many reasons, no matter how much I end up complaining about it, summer is my second, but not for what you may think. Of course, I love the long daylight hours, trips to the beach, and the sun, but the real reason that I love summer is for the sundresses. And yesterday, as I was switching out my sweaters for my summer clothes, I was reminded of that. No matter how hot or humid it is, or what kind of day I’ve having, dunning a light, airy frock always puts a smile on my face. Maybe I’m just a girly girl – I did wear dresses every single day of kindergarten – but sundresses make everything better.

So, while summer doesn’t officially start until June 21st, sundress season has begun. I have already added two new ones to my collection and you can bet that there will be more. What is my ideal summer day? Sitting outside in a sundress with a good book and a glass of champagne or prosecco. What’s yours?