Cheating on the Body Shop

I am a Body Shop girl through and through, completely addicted to an array of products from there, however, my last couple of makeup purchases have not come from my belov’ed store.  They’ve come from Sephora.  It started with a lipstick…let me explain.

s1006840-main-heroI recently have given up lip gloss in favor of lipstick (don’t fret lip gloss, I will be back!), and have been into shades of pink that add noticeable color without being too much: I’ve always favored the natural look.  And it seems that I have sped further then the Body Shop.  Basically, I was waiting for their new lipstick line to come out, and I couldn’t wait anymore.  It is available online, but won’t be in stores until after Labor Day (which isn’t that far away now, but it was a few weeks ago), and makeup really is one of those things that should not be purchased online unless it is a color that you’ve already owned before.  So, I walked to Sephora, and with the help of one of their employees, picked out the perfect shade of muted coral from Givenchy’s Rouge Interdit Satin collection (No 03 – secret pink).  It has become my go-to lipstick for now, but I will be returning to the Body Shop next week to check out their new collection.

s1520352-main-heroWhile there, I spotted Bobbi Brown’s limited edition Navy & Nude eye palette, which has beautiful nudes and a very dark navy blue.  Initially, I left Sephora without it, thinking that I only line my eyes with a very dark grey or black and that navy would be too much color for me (did I mention that I like to stick with natural colors when dealing with makeup?).  Then I read the reviews for it, and it seemed that it wasn’t as noticeable a blue as I had thought.  After toying with the idea for a couple of weeks, I ventured back to Sephora, testing the colors on my hand and eventually purchasing it…and I’m glad that I did.  Honestly, you can’t really tell that the shadow (or in my case liner) is blue, it just adds a little something that you wouldn’t get out of my usual black or dark grey.  So, if you’re in the mood for a strikingly obvious pop of blue, this palette unfortunately is not for you, but if you’re like me, then it’s perfect.

As for the Body Shop, perhaps it isn’t a bad idea to branch out a little with my makeup, but I still will predominantly be making my beauty purchases from there.

Experimentations with Lip Color

I have always been one of those girls who likes neutral make-up.  I have loads of lip glosses in a palate of different pinks, shades light enough that you can see a difference, but not so much that you pass by a mirror and think, wow.

Recently, I’ve gotten a bit bored of these pale colors.  I’d made multiple trips to Sephora without any luck, mostly due to the fact that there is just too much to choose from, but also because nothing seemed to ever be the right shade.  You can only try on so many colors before you get disgusted with all of them.

I was about to give up when I remembered the Body Shop.  Most of my make-up (save for mascara…I am addicted to Dior mascara) comes from there, but I had forgotten all about that place – tells you how much I buy make-up.  The Body Shop has a location nearish to my office, so I took a stroll over there a couple of weeks ago and was immediately glad I did, despite the fact that all of my colors seemed to be obsolete.  I walked away with a new shade of lip gloss (and a few other things) and have since returned and bought a lipstick.  These colors aren’t extreme, but they have more pigment than I usually do, and I love them.  I’ll definitely be going back there again sometime soon.