Emily Giffin’s Something Blue

In honor of the recent release of Emily Giffin’s seventh novel, The One & Only, of which I am eager to delve into, I took a step back to the beginning of her writing career and reread her second novel, Something Blue, the sequel to Something Borrowed (will she ever bring back those characters again?), which brings back the beautiful, but self-centered Darcy as she travels to London to seek the comfort of her friend Ethan and start a new life away from New York, away from her ex-fiancé, away from her former best friend, and really, away from everyone who didn’t agree with the way she was choosing to live her life. With her impending motherhood, will Darcy be able to change her life for the better, or will she stay stuck in her ways?

What I love about Giffin is that not only is she great at getting the chick-lit story right, but she’s also a good writer which you don’t see a lot in that genre. Even though her stories have a light air to them, they also possess great strength and always make me take a step back and examine certain things about myself, decisions that I’ve made or haven’t made. All of her characters grow in one way or another. Take Darcy for instance. In the first novel we see her in she is extremely self-centered. She’s that way too in the beginning of Something Blue, but eventually learns that life can’t always be that way, and that if she were to stay on the path that she was going, she would never actually be happy. It’s a hard lesson for anyone to learn, but a valuable one. I leave you with a quote from the novel.

“Love and friendship. They are what make us who we are, and what can change us, if we let them.”


Discover Laidback London

A few years ago when my office changed locations, I discovered a cute little boutique with a pink awning called Pookie & Sebastian, but it was only recently that I chose to venture in and aside from an amazing dress and bracelet that I purchased, I found something else there that is far more valuable, beautiful sandals by a company called Laidback London. They were a little pricey, but you could tell that they were of a high quality and worth the cost. Me, being the type of person who needs to know everything, immediately set about to find out information on the company and was amazed at what I found.

Laidback London was founded in 2002, spawning from the idea of making quality, fair trade sandals that are uniquely beautiful and timeless. The products are created in Africa, the leather is from a local tannery and everything about these sandals is handmade. The leather is dyed and cut by hand. The beads are hand sewn into the leather and the shoes are stitched together by hand. I have only worn my pair a few times, but I have received many compliments. Not only are they beautiful and comfortable, they can be dressed down or up. Really, the perfect sandals for summer. Check them out at laidbacklondon.com.