To Friendship, Old & New – Your Anchors

There’s something about being around friends who have known you since your adolescent days, even if you only see each other every month or so. These lifelong friends understand you like no other because they’ve experienced more with you than most would ever be able to fully understand. They’ve talked you off a ledge more times than you can count, stayed up nights in endless phone conversations and know when you do and don’t want to talk about whatever is bothering you. They might not know your day-to-day activities, but they know your core, and that’s something that will never change.

Then, there are your new friends, those that know your past only from what you’ve told them, but that experience your present with you. Even if it’s something as silly as walking in the opposite direction of where you’re headed to get late-afternoon lattes, or stopping by just to hand you a plate of food because you didn’t end up making it over for dinner the night before. Someone who texts you good morning and goodnight, and every minute in-between, because you can’t bear not speaking.

This weekend, I had the pleasure of hanging out with a good cross section of these such friends, from some of the oldest bonding over music (New Beard, look them up seriously, my friends are awesome), grilled cheese and memories, to the newest, late afternoon shopping/dinner, to others equally as important. I may not see everyone that I care about due to busy schedules or the mere fact that they have slipped away for the time being, but, if I’ve learned anything, it’s that these things are often temporary, and your true friends, the ones who can look into your eyes and see your sole, will always come back to you. They are your anchors.


Below Freezing in the Spring

This morning I awoke to a cold apartment and my weatherman uttering the two words I never want to hear in the middle of April and (gasp) just mere days before my birthday: wind chill. With temperatures in the upper 70s this past weekend (at least in Connecticut they were), how could we go from contemplating a bikini to deciding whether or not to slip our feet back into the Uggs that have just been tucked into the back of our closets? The thought to me was unfathomable, especially since I’ve been browsing the internet (purchasing) in search of new flats and sundresses to add to my collection, daydreaming of the first days where I will once again be able to wear the light, airy frocks…because really, there is nothing in the world like them.

Instead, today, I forewent my Uggs and scarf (I would rather freeze that wear either again this season), donning a sweater and my lightest wool coat before frowning in the mirror and stepping out of the house, having the good sense to grab a hat at the last minute. As I was walking outside, I saw the telltale sign that winter had indeed come back even if just for the next couple of days and frowned at the traces of snow covering bits of grass and cars. I pulled my hat on, stiffened my shoulders and shoved my hands in my pockets, longing for the warm air to return.

But, not to fret. We will reach the 60s by Friday just in time for my birthday weekend!