Cynthia Bond’s Ruby

In Cynthia Bond’s debut novel, Ruby, she explores many themes including: cult rituals, blindness in faith, and the true strength of love. At its core though, the novel is about one woman’s struggle to regain control of her life amidst a sea of destruction and the man who tries to help her do it.

Ruby and Ephram met as children in the woods one afternoon. Ruby spent most of her time working for a woman a few towns over, so she was barely home, but Ephram never forgot how beautiful she was. From there, Ruby went to NYC in search of her mother who had long since run away, leaving everything behind her, or so she thought. On the outside, she was educated, and she knew how to put herself together, but she never could completely shake away the horrors of her youth. Decades later, she returns to the small Texas town from which she grew up, becoming increasingly haunted by the past, allowing it to reclaim her soul and take over her life in ways that she never could have imagined. It’s only when Ephram gains the courage to show her what it means to be loved unconditionally that Ruby starts to realize just how far she has fallen. Slowly, Ephram brings back the woman that she once was, but will that be enough to drag Ruby out of the darkness, or does the past have too strong a hold on her? Will Ruby be able to let go of it all, or will she remain a prisoner of her own mind forever.

How strong is the power of unconditional love? How strong is the power of faith in yourself, that you can get through anything you set your mind to? Bond asks us these questions again and again in Ruby, but does she give us the answers that we want to hear, does she leave us with a more ugly truth, or does she leave these questions unanswered altogether. In life, we are constantly faced with questions or problems, but rarely a solution. We walk through life with uncertainty, but only the best of us are able to keep living without the answers.


Go Country For a Day

Ever wonder why country boots are so popular down south? It’s because they are not only durable, but comfy as well. I may not be a fan of denim shirts, country music or southern fried chicken, but cute and comfy I can do.

I realize that cowboy boots are on their way out of style in the fashion world, but I don’t always follow all the rules. My boots aren’t exactly cowboy, but they are western. I found them last year on a random trip to dsw and was convinced to purchase them. I almost didn’t get them, but a year later, I’m glad that I did because I’ve gotten a lot of use out of them.

There’s something carefree and charming about these boots, especially when paired with a dress. They give a little something more than flats, heels or sandals, and keep your feet comfy while you wear them. When the weather is a bit warmer, I do this thing where I put together no two outfits alike: prim and proper, casually suburban, summer beach-y. But I have to say that carefree country may be my favorite because I can be girly yet comfortable. Anything goes!

Every so often my bff and I have country days, and we’re having one this weekend. They are always a blast. So, next time there is a cool day (aka below 80 degrees) like there is today, dust off your boots, put on a floral dress and go.