We all have had those days; the kind of day where nothing sits right and everything piles up. Today was one of those days for me, but the fabric of it was weaved the day before. Before I even got into the office yesterday morning I received a phone call from my old supervisor asking me to cover a task for him that I don’t normally do, which meant that I wouldn’t have time to fetch my morning latte since I now had to go out of my way to get it. There had been the perfect little coffee shop practically in my building and they had made the best coffee ever, or so I was told. I am not a coffee drinker, but I do love lattes and within the first sip it was love at first sight. I can still remember the way it tasted, the satisfaction that only the perfect latte could bring. Sadly, the perfect little coffee shop is no more. A few months ago it was taken away from me and I am still heartbroken because of it. So, I marched to work yesterday morning, sans latte, in dread of the task I had been forced into. This of course meant that I wouldn’t have time to hit the gym.

With no other issues, the rest of the day went pretty smoothly, that is until I tried to go to sleep. After about an hour of tossing and turning, I gave up. I was wide awake when I shouldn’t have been and ended up staying up for a good portion of the night, all the while knowing that I would be beyond tired in the morning. Finally, I was able to fall asleep, only to be awoken by my alarm not too long after and also not realizing that it was my alarm at first. I can always tell when I should really be staying in bed and sleeping; when the alarm disorients me. I sluggishly got ready for work and ended up having to run for the bus, which is always fun. Then I went into the subway, fishing my ipod out of my bag only to stare at it in disbelief when it wouldn’t turn on; another failed attempt to gym. I cannot go to the gym without my ipod. I’ve tried it mutliple times. One time, the entire gym was devoid of music. All of the other times, it just wasn’t the same. I feel like without it, I can’t concentrate enough…the music pulls you in and gets you to push more. Any avid gym-goer would tell you the same.

I got into work this morning and immediately my mind turned towards finding the closest Apple store in conjunction to my office so that I could venture in during my lunch break, purchase a new ipod and run. There are a slew of Apples stores in Manhattan, but none of them in a lunch-worthy distance. I succumbed to the thought of purchasing my replacement online, but as soon as I went to the website, I realized that I didn’t know which ipod I wanted. Did I want the same one that just broke on me or did I want one that was different. With the answer yet to be determined I set about my normal day, cloaked in exhaustion.

On my way home I was squashed into the subway. The car was packed and there was hardly any room to stand, let alone move around. The train ended up being stopped at a station due to a sick passenger. I don’t know about you, but that seems to always be the excuse that the train conductors use, so instead of my feeling bad for the person who was supposedly ill, I got furious. Of course my train would be stalled when I didn’t have my ipod to escape. The stalling of the train also meant that I was going to miss my bus and have to stand outside in the cold for an extra thirty minutes, waiting for the next one, which, by the way, is exactly what happened. I longed for the summer, where I had been subletting in the East Village with my sister and the commute was so much easier.

Finally at home, I made myself a cup of tea and turned on the television to an episode of SATC. The warm feel of the mug in between my hands and the fragrance of the tea in the comfort of my quaint little apartment seemed to envelope me and suddenly, my day didn’t seem that bad. Sometimes, all you need is a nice cup of tea and the comfort of your own space.


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