I had been dying to go into this cute little vintage shop in Huntington called My Inheritance since before the summer. I had seen it in passing a few times, but always on a Sunday when, I’m sad to say, it is closed.

Back in May, I had been visiting my mother. We were walking around town window-shopping, when we happened upon this store. Immediately, my attention was drawn to this amazing rose clutch that looked like it had literally been made of roses. Needless to say it was love at first sight. It was a Sunday, so to my dismay, I was unable to go inside and retrieve this item of my affection. The next day my mother went back to the store and bought it for me; I was beyond thrilled.

A few weekends ago, I had nothing to do and was in possession of a car, a rare treat for me, so I decided to drive out to Huntington for the sole purpose of going to that vintage shop and possibly treating myself to something. With a latte in hand and my ipod plugged in, I set off on my hour-long embarkment.

Once in Huntington, I parked the car on the edge of town (because even though I grew up there, my sense of direction gets lost for some reason) and trotted through town to My Inheritance. It was chillier than I had anticipated and I immediately wished that I had remembered to bring a jacket. Upon entering, I was filled with pure ecstasy. I decided to peruse the store in its entirety. Jewelry, purses, clothing, all either vintage or couture or both; I was in heaven.

When I was about halfway through my examination the owner walked up to me and asked if I was looking for something in particular. I told her possibly a necklace. She brought me over to a display, which contained vintage pieces from the ’50s. I loved the style of them, but to my dismay, they were all yellow gold. I hate yellow gold. I asked her if she had anything in silver and she did. As we were looking at the few silver pieces that were there, she explained to me that they were rare because yellow gold was popular in the ’50s. I picked up one necklace. It had a double chain and a big, decorative clasp, and tried it on. I stared at it in the mirror and it was beautiful. I bought it immediately.

If you are in the market for a nice vintage piece or you want to give an extra special gift, I totally recommend going to My Inheritance in Huntington. What better a gift can you get than a vintage, one-of-a-kind item. I have worn my necklace at least a dozen times already and always get compliments for it. Oh, and the rose clutch is also a hit!

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