After the rain of the past two days and the incredibly awful fog of the day before where, I had to drive my dad’s car through it on the Jackie (which I’m not fond of to begin with), I woke up this morning to a beautiful crisp winter day. Now, I’m not a fan of winter, but I have to admit, I am in love with this weather and I definitely missed the sun.

December marks the beginning of the holidays. This year, I have decided to start a collection of ornaments. The ornaments that we had growing up were never anything special to me. Sure, there were the occasional favorites of mine that I fought with my brothers over to be the one to put them on the tree, but they were all different. I’m not sure why that was, I have a feeling that this happens with a lot of people unless you really take the time to pick out a theme and stick to it. Ornaments may seem cheap, but you have to buy so many of them that it adds up. I have always loved silver, so I am going to start a collection of different silver tones and white. Below are ornaments that I am buying, the graphite balls can be purchased at Crate & Barrel in sets of three where the snowflakes are from Pier1 Imports and sold individually.

The weather is going to be pretty consistent from now throughout this weekend (and into next week, though I really only care about the weekend for the moment), so I am going to take full advantage of it. Of course there will be the ornament shopping which will commence tomorrow, and the tree shopping. This year I want to get a real tree because I love the smell of pine and I have seen teeny ones for only $20, and they are cute! Also, since I live by the water, there is nothing better than grabbing a bottle of wine, or in this case perhaps a latte (or maybe insolated thermos of tea) and driving out to the jetty. The view of the water and the Whitestone Bridge is just spectacular, especially when the sun is starting to set. Normally I go there in the summer, but I think I’ll start a new tradition this year.

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