I wouldn’t consider myself an expert on music, but I can pick out the good from the bad and I do know what I like, which is more than most can say. Like many of us, during junior high and into high school, I took part in drama club and although I didn’t have any lead roles, I sang proudly (and on key) with the chorus.

One of my oldest friends whom I met during my high school years, went to school one town over in Cold Spring Harbor. We spent many a weekend together and had what seemed like endless late night phone conversations. It didn’t take long for me to consider Ben one of my close friends.

As long as I have known Ben, he’s been part of a band. As the years have gone by we’ve kept in touch sporadically, but I have always followed his music. Which ever band that he’s been in, I have loved and it has definitely not been because we grew up together. His music is just so unique but at the same time, possesses an old school rock quality (to quote a friend, whom I made listen to his music:)) that must be heard.

New Beard, the band that Ben is currently a part of is no different. Last week, I was excited to find out that they had come out with their debut, an EP entitled Moment of Peace, which, I downloaded from amazon right away; one of the songs is also entitled the same, and it is definitely my favorite. All of the songs have a unique sound but seem to share the old school rock feeling that I have come to love. Every time I hear Ben’s voice singing, I get chills and I stop what I’m doing and concentrate on the music and lyrics.

New Beard’s fantastic and if you have yet to hear their stuff, I suggest you do so now. You will fall in love with them as I have. If you’re lucky, you’ll get to see them live. As soon as they play somewhere other than Brooklyn (I hate Brooklyn) I will be seeing them as well.

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