Since Tuesday, I have not stepped foot in my office, due to an electrical fire Tuesday night, that completely wiped out the electrical panel that feeds power to our whole building. This, although irritating, has enabled me to get a few things done before the holiday weekend. One of which, was fight with Verizon for the past two days, because my cell phone battery wouldn’t charge and, they sent me the wrong item in the mail. This has thankfully been resolved with a ride to a Verizon store, lunch at Ben’s deli (mmmm pastrami) and a quick trip to Target…oh, and I have completed all errands and am packed (almost) for the weekend.

As for work, I still am unsure as to what is going on. Some power has finally been restored and I’ve heard that it’s open, however, I just spoke to my contact who said that I should wait until I hear from him and he will not know anything until tomorrow morning. It’s the last day of work before Christmas, I feel like they should just let us have this day and be done with it, then again, my office was open during the blizzard of this past winter…so who knows. I am hoping for one more day:).

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