Kate awoke to the sound of her door being opened. Immediately her body tensed. Her back was towards it and she dared not turn around in hopes that he would get the idea and leave. She took short, shallow breaths, trying so hard to not make a sound, to become invisible underneath the sheets. Then, she felt him slip in next to her.           

“What are you doing?” Kate hissed, “Leave me alone.” She used every muscle in her body to try and push him away but nothing worked; he was too strong for her. It must have seemed like a joke to him, but it wasn’t, not to her. Kate was only fifteen. She had never had a boyfriend let alone a first kiss. Kate didn’t even know what “the bases” were. All she wanted to do was be like everyone else her age…normal, and she could bet that the definition of normal did not consist of her step-father climbing into bed with her. She didn’t want Russell in her bed; she wanted him to leave.

“Sexy…” he whispered with a disgusting smirk on his face. Kate was still turned away from him, but she knew his look all too well. His blue eyes were squinched into tiny slits; almost as if he was purposefully trying to block out her feeble attempts at fighting him off. Almost as if…but he wasn’t. Russell probably didn’t even notice. In the past few years that she had known him, Russell had gained a significant amount of weight which made it all the more difficult for her to physically push him away. Despite the inappropriate things that he did to her on a regular basis when members of the family were not looking, Kate could not believe that he had had the gall to do this. He had gone too far this time.

He was in her room, in her bed. Kate felt Russell trying to turn her towards him, but she resisted, kept her back to him. She tried pushing him out…away…anywhere but where he was, first with her feet and then with her whole body, but he didn’t budge; her slender frame was no match for his bulky one. Instead of him getting the picture, Kate’s resistance seemed to only encourage him. She felt him slide closer to her, leaning on her. The weight of him bore down on her body and almost smothered her. Kate opened her eyes which, until that point had been closed, and stared out the window at the old oak tree that sat in their yard. Its branches, although close, seemed far away. She tried to focus on the tree, and the leaves moving in the breeze, wishing she were anywhere but there. Kate felt his hand grab at her breast and tried to fight him more, but he held his grip. She closed her eyes again; there was no escaping this.

“I’m going to tell Mom,” she threatened, hoping that it would make a difference. Deep down, she knew it wouldn’t though. There was a reason why Kate hadn’t confided in any member of the family about what was going on, especially her mother, and it had nothing to do with the fact that it was not an easy subject to broach; it was more than that.

“So tell her; she’ll never believe you,” he said. He slid his hand down her body and anchored it between her legs. Kate stopped breathing and opened her eyes. She felt like she was suffocating. Why was this happening to her? Why was he doing this? She couldn’t figure out which was worse; the fact that he was in her bed sliding his disgusting hands all over her or that he was right about her mother. She would never believe her. Kate didn’t exactly know why this was the case, she had never given her mother a reason to doubt her, especially with something as important as this, but it just was. Kate knew that she would never be believed. She tried to push Russell away again, tried to pry his hand out from inside of her, but it was all in vain. Nothing worked.

Kate heard movement coming up the stairs which were directly outside of her room and started to panic.  She pushed Russell away from her harder.  She felt ashamed that he was there, ashamed to be caught with him in her bed, ashamed because she felt that she would be blamed for the current situation, that she would be told that it was her fault.  Deep down, Kate knew that she should believe that it was not her fault, but she couldn’t help to think that maybe, on some level, it actually was.           

“Get out. Someone’s going to catch you; you’re going to get in trouble,” Kate said. In trying to break free from him, she had turned herself around and was staring into his eyes with hatred, but he just looked at her. Neither her words nor the fact that someone was coming up the stairs seemed to faze Russell; he didn’t care. It was then that she realized just how far he was capable of going.

Russell put a finger to his lips and perked his head up to listen to the movement outside. Whoever it was had gone down the hallway and into one of the other bedrooms. He slowly got out of Kate’s bed and walked over to the door. He pressed his ear against it to make sure that no one was there, then quietly opened the door and walked out.

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