This morning, in the midst of my normal weekday routine, i.e. getting ready for work and tidying my apartment with channel seven news on in the background to find out the weather, I realized two things.

One, I had not dreamed the chill in the early hours of the morning that awoke me from sleep…the number at the bottom of the screen read thirteen degrees, not including the wind-chill, which brought it down to something like zero. It is by far one of the coldest (if not the coldest) days that we’ve had so far this winter, which meant only one thing: dress warm. Time to break out the warm acrylic sweaters and the Uggs…yes, I own a pair of Uggs; okay, I own two pairs. It took me quite a few years to get over the fact that they are not appealing in looks whatsoever, but, once I slipped my feet into them and walked outside on a cold, cold day, it was all over for me. I became an Uggs lover. Unless you have also put your feet in and experienced what it truly means to walk outside on a frigid day and not have potentially frostbitten toes, then you don’t know what you are missing. They will seriously change your life. There is only one person whom I will not wear my Uggs in front of, and that is my uncle for fear that he will disown me…well, he wouldn’t exactly do that, but he could come close to it. One time I wore my Tory Burch flats in front of him and the next day I got some txts saying how I should get rid of them (he called them fugly, lol)…he prefers women to wear pointy stilettos.

On that note, I must venture out to the stores and purchase more warm sweaters.  I have a lot of sweaters; however, most of them are kind of short.  For a while, I went through this phase where I liked everything short and would even shrink things so that they would be short.  This is no more.  I realized, a few winters back, that short equals a way for the cold to seep in underneath your jacket…so, unfortunately many of my sweaters (okay, most☹) must be replaced.  I could just wait it out since it is already January, and in just a few more months I will not need them anymore, but I’m not sure how this winter will be yet, so I probably should buy at least a few… 

The other thing that I realized this morning, was that I really cannot deny the fact that it is winter anymore (although that could also go with the first realization, but I swear it’s different). Every year, as soon as there is an extremely cold day, my subway decides to have signal problems, which makes it very slow and, unfortunately, always means that there is no express train. With the elimination of the express train comes the addition of an extra twenty-odd minutes to my morning commute (at least). This also means that I am less likely to have time to stop off en route to the office and acquire my morning latte.

Seeing as it was oh-so cold this morning, I made a run to grab a latte anyway and breezed into work only a few minutes late (a few really means a few). I was thankful to find my office at a much desired temperature and have been hibernating in it ever since. Funny thing though, about this cold snap we are having, according to the weatherman, it is going to hit almost fifty on Saturday…go figure.

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