I have talked about my love for Vogue many times before…but, it has reached way beyond love at this point. For the past two weeks, I have been venturing to drugstores and newsstands on a daily basis (okay, daily meaning work-week) in search of the February issue. I frustratedly watched as how, every other magazine came out with theirs and still, mine did not. I asked store employees if they knew when the next Vogue would grace their stands, but sadly, they didn’t have an answer for me. Desperately, I searched the internet to try and find out; I consider myself a decent googler, but I couldn’t find a publication date.

I was starting to give up hope, when I decided to call my friend Burke. He always can find things online when I can’t. After less than two minutes of conversing, where I expressed more than a little concern about my dilemma, Burke came to my rescue. Not only did he find out the answer that I was so desperate to know, he stumbled upon something I couldn’t have imagined; a list of all the Vogue publication dates for the entire year. My jaw dropped; I was in complete shock. Immediately, I scanned the page to look for the February date and my heart sank when I learned that I would have to wait another twelve days.

This morning, many days before the list told me that it would be out, I stepped into CVS on my way to work. I decided to just walk by the magazines, all the while thinking that I would once again be disappointed…I found my salvation. There, on the stand, in all its glossy glory, stood February Vogue. Instantly, my not-so-great week turned around and I was beaming. I plucked a copy and hurried to the cashier to pay for it, then headed to work with it carefully tucked under my arm. My coworkers, after laughing at me, convinced me that I should just subscribe to it already. I had thought of this before, but hadn’t actually done so.

I am now subscribed to Vogue; I enter into rehab for my addiction tomorrow.

One thought on “My Vogue Addiction

  1. I thought about that too.. BUT…. they put a label on the cover and I think it will ruin it for you! IF you have not already subscribed.. think twice! lol

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