Saturday morning, as I left the warmth of a cozy Manhattan apartment in search of a cab, the world was completely white.  I was wearing my new suede knee-high boots, discretely trotting through newly fallen snow, trying not to slip…clearly, not the most appropriate attire; although, I had sprayed them the night before with a water resistant spray, I still worried.  Snow, after all, is no friend of suede.

The snow was still falling, and there was barely a car in sight; however, the gray matter, which only forms on roads after tires have tread across them, was visible on the snow-ladened asphalt.  I detest the gray matter.  Many a shoe has been ruined by it.  Many a day has been spent frustratingly trying to walk around it; the gray matter is known for turning streets into rivers.  It is what made me lose some of my love for snow, but on this morning however, the childhood fondness came back to me.  If I had been wearing the proper foot attire, I would have gladly trodden through it. Sadly, I was not.

As quickly as the fondness came, it left, as I let myself into a cab and realized that the street conditions were only going to get worse…especially by my apartment in its little suburbian niche of Queens.  My road is almost never plowed.  Last winter, during one of our many snow storms, I physically could not open my door to leave and was forced to stay home, until my landlord came and dug me out somewhere in the mid-afternoon.  As predicted, the road conditions on the highway deteriorated as we progressed closer to my home…a trip that should have taken twenty minutes, twenty-five tops, ended up being more than double. 

We got off at my exit and, I held my breath.  There was no sign of gray matter; the streets were completely white.  I’m sure the cab driver was far from happy that I had jumped into his cab…but, at least he didn’t throw me out like cabbies are prone to do when they find out your intentions of going outside of the borough ofManhattan; even though they are technically not supposed to be doing that.  I snuggled in the snow-less shelter of my apartment that day, and vowed to take a real walk in the snow the next. 

Almost a week later, and it has rained quite a lot; I never did get to take my walk.  The temperatures are supposed to hit near sixty degrees today, but it is so dark and gloomy out that I don’t care how warm it may be.  It could be worse though, all of this rain could be snow.

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