Last week, a floor lamp of mine suddenly stopped working…okay, it wasn’t exactly suddenly.  For a few days before the actual event transpired, it had been giving me problems.  I didn’t think I could really do anything at the time, and had suspicions that it was possibly the light bulb, so I ignored it.  I turned if off one night and when I tried turning it on the next morning, to my frustration, it did not work.  I have gotten many, “have you changed the light bulb” jokes from people, but I am proud to say, that I actually did try that…it just wasn’t the problem (and, it almost made me late to work that morning).

After going through the rest of the week with the constant reminder; the floor lamp resides next to my door and consequently is the first light that I turn on when entering my apartment, I took it upon myself to try and fix it.  This of course, was after multiple phone calls to my father and a friend who, both promised to come and take a look at it, but never did.  My friend just redeemed himself last night, and my father is inFloridavisiting his father, so, he is excused.

Carefully, I set my lamp horizontally on the floor; this required for me to take apart the top, so that the glass dome did not break.  Then, I got my tool box out, having decided that I wasn’t sure what I might need, though I was pretty sure it would be some sort of screw driver, and did not feel like running back and forth to procure the correct item.  So I, having no knowledge of what I was doing, set about to try and fix my lamp.  I did not get very far however.  Where I felt the problem was, I physically could not find a way to take it apart any further…and this has now been confirmed by my friend, who took a look at it last night.  I will have to purchase a new lamp…

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