Today I seem to be experiencing technical difficulties with my blackberry.  First, it was freezing on me as I was trying to shop on the Bloomingdales website (perhaps that is a sign that it is not the best idea to shop via cell phone?); it literally would not let me scroll through more than two pages of shoes before feigning exhaustion and just doing nothing.  I’m not sure if that means that I was supposed to buy one of the shoes that graced those two lonely pages…none of them were all that great, or too pricey for what I think a ballet flat should cost (I would never spend more than $100 because, honestly, within a year maximum they end up in the garbage with a hole). 

The second thing that it did was tell me that my blog account didn’t exist.  I literally went into it and found nothing there.  Of course I started to panic because it didn’t make sense to me, but then it fixed itself with that.  I haven’t tried using the Bloomies site again yet, but I sadly expect that it will still give me the runaround. 

The third, and last thing so far that it has done today, was give me duplicates of some people in my address book.  At first I thought that it was just for facebook friends, because sometimes that has happened, but it wasn’t.  It was just really random duplicates.  And what was even odder was that, certain people that I had deleted were back in.  One person in particular that hadn’t been in my phonebook since the summer popped back up, while someone whom I omitted a few months ago remained deleted.  I wonder if that means that I am supposed to contact this person and see how he is…I will have to ponder this a while before making my ultimate decision, but most likely if I do, it will be through email with a detailed account of the transpired events.  Hopefully that is all of the weird things that my blackberry will do to me today and it will go back to being its awesome self.

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