Although we officially still have nine days left of summer, it feels like autumn is settling in.  The days are cool, the mornings are cold, and the other day, I saw someone wearing knee-high boots.  Okay, I definitely have had the urge to slip my feet into them myself, but I have resisted (I have started looking for new Uggs online, however, shhhhh, don’t tell my uncle)!  After all, you can get the same effect by choosing pants over a skirt or dress…and it is nice to be able to wear pants again.  Although I am a dress girl, my legs do love the occasional pant draped over them.  It’s a cozy feeling, especially after a brutally hot summer, but I have to admit, it does take some getting used to. 

With the change of seasons, comes the change in wardrobe…almost there!  Over the past month, I have been combing my favorite clothing site in search of new pieces to add to my wardrobe; not a lot of things, but a few basics that I felt I was lacking or needed fresh.  I recently went through my wardrobe and found many pieces (and…..gasp….shoes) to which I either didn’t want anymore, or felt I could part with, to donate to charity.  Of course this gave me an excuse to shop, though, do I really need one?  All joking aside, I am very proud of myself for the amount of clothes and shoes that I am purging myself of.

On another note, I have once again become a victim to my shoes…new shoes to be exact.  I bought these burnt-orange flats from Michael Kors a few weeks ago; the name of the color actually befits the season: Autumn.  I was dying to wear these shoes, so, on Friday, I decided that it would happen.  Of course, I neglected to think about how much extra walking I would be doing, seeing as how I had plans to meet up with my aunt after work and take a wine/food pairing class (tickets that we bought months ago), with a little bit of shopping and a lot of walking before and after.  My feet already hurt just from my morning commute, but I trudged onward, buying the heel gel sticky pads that I use because new shoes tend to cut up the back of my heel…although it was too late: the damage had already been done.  I spent the weekend in pain, and only finally took off the band-aids last night.  One of these days I will learn to take some preventative measures so that that does not occur, but clearly it was not last Friday.  As a result, when the weather is sooo deliciously autumn-like, I surrendered my shoes to my boyfriend on Sunday evening, banning myself from them for the week so that my poor feet could heal; he has yet to realize the sometimes sick relationship I have with my shoes, sick of course meaning that I wear them through the pain, but, what woman doesn’t, might I ask?!  Two more days, and my shoes and I will meet again!

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