As I’ve gotten older, I feel that every year seems to go by quicker.  I know that that isn’t actually true, although I wonder as to why this is.  Maybe as an adult you become acutely aware of time and what you do with it?  As a child and then young adult, we seem to take everything for granted, so maybe that is what it is…not taking things for granted.  Either way, one certainty of a new year is that you don’t know what is going to happen…the possibilities are endless.  Every year brings new joys and sorrows, people entering and exiting your life…change.  Looking back on last year, my life is completely different and still partially the same (if that makes any sense), and I wouldn’t have it any other way. 

This past NYE, I spent unlike the previous one.  Going into 2012, the city was my playground…literally.  I met a friend of mine for dinner, then we partied the night away in true NYC fashion.  The one that occurred a little over two weeks ago was quite low-key.  My boyfriend and his roommates decided to have a party at their apartment, having only just moved in a couple of months before…unfortunately for me, I didn’t even have one drink that night.  The Saturday before I had woken up with a cough and, as Monday rolled around, it had gotten progressively worse to the point that my throat and chest hurt from coughing.  At some point I started getting cold and even dressed in Billy’s sweats to get warm (which didn’t work, nothing worked) before realizing that I had a fever.  Billy put me to bed right after midnight.

Last year was an interesting year for me.  Melissa and I started taking yoga classes, which I have since found a place in Brooklyn (by Billy’s) that I try to frequent twice a week.  I went back to school by the persuasion of my boyfriend…which was a scary thing.  Who knew that it would take the whole first semester in order to get my focus back?  I became a godmother to beautiful baby Brooke (“lil B”), whom I have still yet to meet because she lives so very far away from me (and even farther now that she has just moved to Hawaii).  Not to fear though, I will be journeying to Hawaii come April for her christening (and a pre-birthday vacation)…and then I may take her home with me (sorry Tara!).  And I found the love of my life.  I wasn’t looking for him, and I was definitely not having the best of days, but I went to see my friend’s band (New Beard) playing downtown the night before July 4th, and I found him.  I walked right up to him and he walked away.  There are claims (from him) that we chatted a bit not too long after, but I do not have any recollection of that (I had consumed many an alcoholic beverage).  A week later we went out on our first date.

Last year wasn’t all full of positive memories, there were some negative ones as well, but I am choosing to focus purely on the positive, a theme that I started mid-year, weeding out the negative from my life.  And I have to tell you, when you, it makes a huge difference.  I don’t know what this year will bring, but one thing that I’m certain about is that it will be a great year and I am ready for it!

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