I am not the girl who goes to the salon every week, or every few weeks, to get my hair or nails done.  Although, there have been times where I have gotten myself into a mani-frenzy and gone regularly, it only lasts for a month or two, and is immediately followed by multiple months of bare nails, or at-home-manis that sometimes are so awful that they have to be removed instantaneously.  As far as hair goes, I am never happy unless I’m the one washing it.  I don’t exactly know why this is, especially since so many people that I know love to get their hair washed before getting it cut, but I just don’t.  I am not the girl who cannot leave the house without first applying make-up…more often than not, I am bare-faced.  Not that I don’t enjoy wearing make-up, because I do, but I just do not love wearing it every day.

Despite these things though, I do consider myself to be a girly-girl, and here’s why:

I love dresses and shoes.  Despite my lack of adequate closet space, where I literally had to re-organize it last year to accommodate my collection, I still look to buy more…or at least look at more (not necessarily purchasing). 

I love getting dressed up to go out just as much as I love wearing yoga pants and leggings, which is why, last week, after over a week of not being able to do a lot of things due to a minor surgery on my back, I decided to treat myself.  I was going to a wine tasting with my boyfriend Friday night, so Thursday, I got a mani, and Friday, after work, I went to this place called Dry Bar.  There are a few locations scattered around the city, and it has become quite popular as of late.  For those of you who don’t know about it, they wash your hair and do blowouts in a pretty, sunshiny environment, with girly show/movies playing in the background, and you get a drink, all for only $40.  It was fabulous.  My hairstylist was really nice, and even though she made my hair a little bigger than I would have liked (I chose a wavy style with some volume), I knew that it would be tamed within an hour…because my hair is always in charge.  I would definitely go back once in a while.  Oh, and my drink of choice…champagne of course!  After the wine tasting, which was not good – we discovered that, despite all the hype that I’ve heard about Chilean wines, they’re not that good (or, at least that’s how we felt) – I was more than happy to put on a tee and yoga pants, and sit at home with friends…drinking much better wine.  I had make-up on, my hair and nails done, and I felt pretty.

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