Even though spring began nearly a week ago, the cold, snowy-ness of winter seems as if it doesn’t want to be left behind.  Not only did we have a snow storm last week, but it appears that it is snowing today as well.  

As you know, I am not a fan of snow.  It’s pretty coming down, and in those first few hours, but after that it turns ugly as it mixes with the dirt on the ground, melting in huge puddles that make walking unpleasant, but I do not pretend to believe that snow cannot happen in the spring.  After all, it has occurred in the middle of April on my birthday.

Spring, not unlike New Years’, is a time of new beginnings.  The earth comes alive with colors that have been hidden for what seems an eternity, the days start to get longer, and the cold breezes of seasons’ past are replaced with warmer ones (or, they will be when winter decides to release us from its chains).  We come out of our hibernations, even if it is just to take a much needed walk, or sit on the roof of your friend’s car, parked by the jetty overlooking the bridge, while having dinner and avoiding the rats.  Yes, rats live in the jetty by me, which is rather disgusting and sad, because otherwise Melissa and I would have a perfect time there…that doesn’t stop us from going and enjoying the view, just makes us cautious of where we plop ourselves.  Our days venturing onto the jetty itself were ended last year when we actually saw one pop up onto the rocks (and you can hear them too).  We have not been there this year yet, but give us a few weeks and we will.

Spring is one of my favorite seasons, and I will not let this unsightly weather drag my mood down.   I am looking at floral-y summer dresses to cheer me up, and I recently purchased a pair of coral flats which I intend to break out later on in the week (hopefully).  On this snowy day and night I will be curled up, catching up on Vogue and continuing my current book.

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