I have found a new author that I am obsessed with…okay, to clarify, new meaning new to me.  Last week, at the end of class, my instructor brought out two books that were about to be published.  One of them was a golf instructional book that I didn’t really care about, because golf isn’t my thing.  The other was the new book, The Best of Us by Sarah Pekkanen.  It is available for pre-order on Amazon, and has a scheduled release date of April 9th

Being in the midst of a book currently, I read only the first page.  I liked her writing right away.  It also helped that, on the front cover, there’s a quote from Library Journal comparing Pekkanen to the likes of Emily Giffin (whom I absolutely love).  The next day at work I decided to go online and find out what other books she had written.  After searching for a little longer than I had expected to (she doesn’t have a Wikipedia entry), I came across her page on the Simon & Schuster website. 

As it turns out, there are three other books of hers that have already been published, and three eshort stories that were $0.99 each.  I, who am highly opposed to reading anything that is not in book-form, was torn for a moment.  Would I become one of those people who never pick up a physical book? No.  Never.  I decided that, since I could not fully commit to read enough of her book before deciding to purchase the others (I hate reading multiple books at once, although I have had to on occasion), and since these short stories only exist in the “e” format, that I would purchase them, and bonus, the total came out to $2.97. 

I set about to read the first eshort story, “All is Bright,” and loved it.  I then checked out a little on my book and proceeded to read the other two.  I don’t want to spoil the stories, since they are short, but they are all really good.  Each story is narrated by a new character, one that appears in the previous one either by having an actual cameo, or by just being spoken about, so the stories are all linked. 

I have added her three previous books into my Amazon cart, and all I have to do is hit “send” and they will be mine.  I cannot wait to start reading all of them. 🙂

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