Friday evening, I was obsessing over which book to start next.  I literally took all four of my new books, fanned them out in front of me, then went through and looked at the summaries of each, in hopes that that would help me decide.  Well, clearly they all sounded good otherwise I wouldn’t have purchased three out of the four of them.  The fourth one, I had just received on my Tuesday class, met the author and got her to sign it, who, by-the-way is really nice and funny (and, it appears that we have a fb friend in common).   The other three were all by the author that I am newly obsessed with (Sarah Pekkanen).  I seriously could not decide.  I txted Melissa and called my boyfriend, who both laughed at me and then told me to pick one.  I decided to curb the decision in favor of much needed rest, and went to bed, hoping that it would come to me in the morning.

The next day I still could not decide.  I sprawled out on my couch and watched TV for a while, then went out to do some errands, since I was in possession of my boyfriend’s car and was going to head to his place later on and lose it…I mean give it back to him.  When I got home, I started packing for Billy’s and made a game-time decision.  It would be The List by Karin Tanabe; the author that I had met and who signed my book.  Turns out, it was totally the right choice.

Can I just say that I am OBSESSED with this book?!  I started it yesterday morning (and then on-and-off throughout the day) and am already over a hundred pages in.  I’ll write about it when I’m finished (probably by the end of the week), but just wanted to post this quote:


“Could I casually just grab his hand and slip it into mine for the rest of eternity?  Or just maybe place it directly on my boob?”

-Karin Tanabe, The List

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