I don’t know about you, but I have been dying to shed the rest of my winter wardrobe in favor of the less is more approach, otherwise known as summer clothing.  Now, I know that that phrase is usually reserved for covering up and showing less skin, but with warm weather on my mind, you’ll have to forgive me.

For a long time, I was under the impression that the more money you spend on clothing, the nicer they will be and the longer they will last.  For the most part that is true, but there are a few things that you definitely don’t need to spend a lot of money on.  T-shirts and tank tops come to mind.  After years of spending a lot of money on these items, I ventured into Aeropostale and have been shopping there ever since.  Their tees and tanks are so inexpensive that you can purchase multiple pairs, they’re comfy and they last.

A few years ago, I decided to do the same thing with sundresses.  One of my reasons for this is that it enables a more diversified wardrobe without making you go broke.  Also, the summers seem to be getting hotter, and I’ve found that sundresses are comfy no matter how much you spend on them, though, the cheaper they are, the thinner the material is, which I think is great for those exceptionally brutal days, the ones where, no matter what you do, you cannot stop yourself from sweating.

The trick with sundress shopping is that you need to know what styles you like, and where to go.  I started with Forever21, and although I have some dresses from them, I was never completely satisfied – some fit me pretty well, but others just looked terrible on.  I have some cute dresses that I got on sale from Victoria’s Secret, but for the most part, their prices are more than I want to spend.  I’ve gone back and forth between stores, not finding what I want, then an idea crept into my head.  If I love the tees and tanks at Aeropostale, why not try their dresses too?  The prices range from $40 to $60 (for a maxi), but always seem to be on sale.  I purchased a cute yellow floral, originally $39.50, on sale for around $18.85 (that dress is now only $11.85 btw).  When it arrived in the mail, I tried it on and loved it.  There are a few more that I have my eye on and will probably be purchasing in the near future, guilt free.



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