About two weeks ago I started a new book.  Given my track record recently for devouring whatever I read, I was upset to see that, after this morning’s commute, I had barely gotten over page sixty and, I’ve only read a total of four chapters.  Aside from the ever increasing reading from the two summer classes that I’m taking, which, if I was really into the book would not deter me from continuing it, I have not been able to pinpoint exactly what about the book I don’t like.  The book is kind of slow, but that necessarily wouldn’t turn away my interest, and the story sounded like it was going to be interesting.  To be truthful, it’s a bit boring. But I know it’s only begun, so if I can bare it, I will forge ahead a bit more before I decide if I’m going to put it down permanently. 

A reason of why it feels boring could be the fact that, last week, I ordered a few books from Amazon.  One had just been published, and the other two were pre-orders, but none of them have gotten into my hands yet.  Sometimes, when I’m dying to start reading a book that isn’t in my possession, whatever I pick up to read while I wait doesn’t seem interesting to me.  If that makes sense.  Unless the placeholder is an extraordinarily amazing book, there’s a good chance that it will not distract me away from the book that I actually want to be reading.  This has happened to me in the past, and for a period of months last year, but oppositely.  After finishing The Unconsoled by Kazuo Ishiguro, I had the hardest time getting into anything else.  I would pick up a book only to discard it, unfinished, and it wasn’t until my two favorite authors came out with new books mid-year, that I got out of my slump…if only they came out with new books every year, I would never have this problem again.

The other reason could be that, and I hate to say it, the book might just be boring.  It’s my first time reading this particular author, and actually one of my new books that is coming from Amazon is also by this author – whose stories do sound interesting – so, I’m really hoping that either this book is just really slow to get into and speeds up, or that this book is boring but the other one that’s coming in the mail is more interesting.  I can deal with it if it just this book, but if the next one feels like this too, I’m going to cry. 

On a happy note, I received an email last night from Amazon, saying that two of my three books will be shipping sooner than anticipated, and will be coming to be next week.  I’m super excited!  The summer really is the best time (I feel) not only to catch up on your reading, but to purchase new books.  A lot of good books come out during the summer (it is also the time where new authors are tested), and aside from the ones that I have just purchased, I cannot wait to see what else comes out.

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