About a week ago (a week from yesterday to be exact), my boyfriend and I set out with friends on a twenty-something minute walk for delish key lime pie from Steve’s Authentic Key Lime Pies, located near the water in Red Hook.  If you have never been there, it is definitely worth the trip.

On our walk over there (basically right near it) I saw a sign that said “winery” with an arrow pointing to the left.  I forgot about it for most of the week until Friday, when I googled “winery near key lime pie place in Brooklyn.”  A few wine/liquor stores came up, and then I found it.  Red Hook Winery.

Started in July of 2008, Red Hook Winery brings in grapes from fifteen different vineyards in New York.  For $12 you can have a tasting of six wines, your choice, and there’s a $5 option as well (tasting of three wines).  What I’m really excited about are the tours.  For $15 you can do a tour (weekends only) and choose five wines to taste.  The best offer though (I feel) comes for $25: you get a private tour and barrel tasting of six wines of your choice…and for only $10 more, a cheese plate is included.

The decor has been described as rustic, and they do private parties (fyi).  I spent the weekend convincing my boyfriend to go with me, using key lime pie as a bribe, and it worked!  Now, to pick a date…sooner rather than later would be preferable seeing as how Red Hook Winery is located on the water and they open their doors (during good weather), allowing you to taste wine with a spectacular vie of NYC…I guess I will have to start liking Brooklyn 🙂

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