Like it or not, it seems that winter is hitting us full force and ignoring the fact that it is about a month too early, and that the temperatures today are usually reserved for the middle of winter, you know, February. I don’t quite remember the temps from this time last year, but I know that they were definitely higher than this. Despite the big snowstorm we had last winter, and only a short period of plunging temps, I feel that it is inevitable that this year it will be bad…especially if today is any indication. So, how are you preparing?

Normally when it gets cold I get in a baking mood. Using my oven both warms up my apartment on a chilly day, and fills it with the delicious aroma or cookies or muffins. I envision cozy nights in watching movies with friends, red wine, fireplaces. I think of warm comfy pjs and furry Uggs, phone conversations that last forever and winter adventures just to prove to yourself that a little chill (frigidity?) doesn’t scare you.

What is your favorite winter memory? Is it with a best friend, a significant other, family, or a night you did something just for yourself? I have a few favorite winter memories, ones that I keep close to my heart, that fill me with hope and warmth and love.

Being ready for winter isn’t just about buying a new coat or scarf, and it isn’t just about the parties and the cheer. Winter is the time for reflection and improvement. It’s the time when you look deep into yourself, see how you’ve grown as a person, how life has changed you and determine what new improvements can be made.

What is your favorite winter memory? Are you ready for winter?

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