Having gotten into Survivor earlier in the year, and watching a ton of seasons back-to-back with every episode waiting at my fingertips, I never before had to endure the week-to-week wait that fans experienced until now.  The same suspense that kept me in my Survivor-a-thon craze held my attention week after week for the new season Blood vs. Water, though I missed the ability to stay up late into the night (or in on a rainy day) watching episodes.

Let me say that this was an amazing season.  I knew a few of the returning players, though none of them made it to the end.  I really liked the premise of pitting loved ones against each other – seeing which ones would stick by their loved ones and sacrifice themselves, and seeing which ones would turn against each other (which was bound to happen).  I wasn’t surprised when Rupert changed places with his wife because that’s the type of guy I could see that he was, but I was disappointed because I wanted to see him win for once.  Although I didn’t like Aras from Survivor: Panama, I came to like him this season and was rooting for him I think partially because I wanted him to beat his brother Vytas, and partially because I felt bad when the tribe went behind his back and voted him out – although that is a move that happens frequently with this game.

There came a point almost mid-way through when I expressed my thoughts that Tyson was the frontrunner.  For one thing he ended up finding both idols, which was definitely an advantage.  A second thing was that he seemed to have this control that no one really seemed to realize.  Everything that he did was calculated, even insofar as the way he ended up playing both idols, even though after they were in play it was clear that they had not actually been needed and were more for peace of mind.  A few weeks ago, when they decided to draw rocks at tribal council (only the second time it has been done), I wasn’t sure what the outcome would be.  It really could have changed-up the whole game.  Tyson didn’t end up drawing the white rock, and I was glad about that, although the person that I had wanted to leave (Ciera) didn’t draw the white rock either.

In the end, Tyson did win, and I think that he deserved it, although I would have liked for the edits to be a little less obvious about it.  The next season begins in February and it sounds like it will be an interesting one.  I can’t wait!

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