Recently, I was reading an article on about a different way to care for your skin: by the season. The concept makes sense, as I find myself using a lightweight moisturizer in the summer and a heavier one in the winter. I had never thought about moisturizers and other facial products being created for each season, catering to the different needs of the skin with the rise and fall of temperatures and humidity. And, as I have gotten more and more conscious about my skin – especially over the past year – this is the kind of thing that I would want to try.

One company that is creating these products is de Mamiel. They have developed season facial oils that are designed to give your skin exactly what it needs with each season. Their Summer Facial Oil helps to heal and protect skin from the overexposure to the sun that happens in the summer, and helps to rehydrate and rebalance your skin, among other things. Their Autumn Facial Oil – which you can preorder now and will be available September 22nd – regenerates your skin from the summer months, focusing on complexion and moisture. Their Winter Facial Oil focuses mainly on protecting your skin from the cold and drying elements and the Spring Facial Oil focuses on renewing and brightening the skin.

Based in the UK, de Mamiel products are available online through and, the second of which will ship the products for free. The facial oils are a bit pricey at $110, but if you are as skin-health conscious as I am, they might just be worth the cost. And, since I am already trying out a few facial products courtesy of the Body Shop this summer, I’m going to wait till the next season and order the Autumn Facial Oil. It just might change my life.


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