Earlier this year I was flipping through channels, wondering why I pay so much for cable when, more often than not, there isn’t anything good on. Gone are the days of dramas and sitcoms where, week after week, perfectly penned episodes were aired and enjoyed by all. Now-a-days, these have been replaced (sadly) by reality television.

I am not a huge fan of reality television, although I have to admit that I was addicted to the first season of Jersey Shore…I mean, who wasn’t. I would come home late at night and there wouldn’t be anything else to watch and let’s face it, once you watched one episode, you were completely hooked. Thankfully, my addiction only lasted for the first season and I have yet to turn on the proceeding ones…though, I can hear about them practically everywhere.

I have never been into Survivor or Dancing with the Stars, or any of the likes for that matter. Then one day, it all changed. I flipped on the style channel. Now, I don’t remember if I had turned it on to watch my fix of Sex and the City reruns or not, though, that is why it was on last night, but I came across this show called How Do I Look…and my opinion of reality television changed forever (at least, for this show that is).

The premise of this show revolves around one new person every week who has a terrible sense of fashion. Last night’s episode consisted of someone who is living in the ’80s…big hair, spandex, red lips…need I say more! So, the host, Jeannie Mai, along with a panel of three people, two of which are somehow connected to the fashion offender and one who is not, perform a much needed make-over. Each person of the panel is responsible for picking out a collection that the offender has to try on and model in front of a mirror…and later choose between. At the end of each episode they have an unveiling in which the former offender comes out in an outfit from one of the collections and just looks fabulous.

Last night, as I watched the time drone away, I turned off the show after the modeling of the collections and before the end result. I actually do this often. To me, the end result isn’t as entertaining as the process of purging the old and modeling the new. This show is highly addictive and at the same time intelligent. If you have not already done so, I suggest flipping on the style channel and watching How Do I Look. If you love fashion as much as I do, you will not be disappointed.

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