When I was younger, I had my fair share of wardrobe mishaps.  I’ve walked out of the house in the winter with a pony-tail, no hat, scarf or gloves and…I’m ashamed to say, espadrilles.  I remember one particular day where I went sledding in clogs (remember them?).  In my defense, the decision to go sledding was last minute.  My friends and I had been a little bored and the idea just popped into our heads.  Mistake.  After trudging ankle-deep through the snow for a couple of rounds down the hill, I ended up sitting in the car with my then boyfriend, while he tried to help warm up my feet.  They were numb.  Oh, and if you hadn’t already guessed, my socks (I know, socks with clogs…) were soaking wet.  I don’t recall the rest of the events that transpired that day, but I had learned my lesson…at least for sledding that is.  Aside from that time, I think my problem was that I didn’t really feel the cold, or rather, it didn’t bother me.  That case isn’t true anymore.  Once I discovered the warmth of the proper winter attire, I never looked back.

After a very unfortunate incident where I lost my favorite hat last winter (I stepped out of the car and it blew away), I am on the quest for a new one.  Not sure when I will actually find it, but I am looking.  What I am really looking for right now, is a new scarf.

I have a lot of scarves, but none of them are what I want and when I find what I think I want in a store, I feel like there’s always something wrong with it… I have decided that perhaps I should learn to knit so I can make myself the perfect scarf, since that really is what I am after anyway.  As a child, I tried to learn how to crochet.  Sadly, I couldn’t make a stitch.  I have heard that knitting is easier than crocheting, two needles instead of one…but, I fear that with my lack of crocheting skills, I will also possess a lack for knitting.  I brought this idea up to my mother  earlier today while we were gchatting.  She laughed at me and made a joke about how it was really domesticative of me.  I decided then and there.  No knitting for me…maybe.

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