Since June, I have been frequenting JFK airport, although, I have not traveled anywhere myself.  It seems to be that, I am the preferred chauffeur of my family when it comes to their comings and goings.  I have been to JFK so much so that, I think it’s safe to say, I know my way around the maze of terminals and highways…because let’s face it, that is exactly what it is: a maze.  (Okay, I still get lost on occasion☺) 

Tonight I will be once again visiting the airport, to drop off my father while he goes on yet another vacation (he retired last year)…this time, to Puerto Rico with his girlfriend to visit her family. They have been going to Puerto Rico once a year for the past ten years I would say, and I have never once gone with them. I almost was going to join them this time, however, the costs were ridiculous (they’re flying on buddy-passes and could not get a third one), so I will not be partaking in their journey.

I am especially jealous because they will be leaving behind the frigid temperatures of New York and running to temps in the eighties.  I know that things here are supposed to warm up for the weekends, but, oh, how I long for those warm summer days where, I would run away from all of my problems and stresses to the beach; nothing seemed to matter when I was laying out on the beach.  The world seemed to be so far away.  (I had a ridiculous tan☺) 

I would leave my sublet in the East Village those days and, on my four block walk to the subway, I would stop inside a deli and purchase a sandwich and bottle of water for the beach.  These would be kept in my trusty basket, which, although is lined in stripes of different shades of blue (blue is my least favorite color, although I know that it looks really good on me) I love it.  I purchased it at one of my favorite haunts in Huntington.  So, I would sit at the beach with my sandwich and water, and literally spend the whole day there, just doing nothing.  I would bring my ipod and magazines, or a book, but I would never pick any of them up…it was just so relaxing and peaceful.  My jealousy stems from there, lol, because if I were traversing the globe with them, that is exactly what I would be doing☺. 

So tonight, at a very undesirable hour, I will be on my way to the airport.  Of course, before that, I have to meet my father at his place in Brooklyn…and we know how I feel about that.  He is the only reason that I ever venture to those far away parts.  I don’t even remember the last time I was on an airplane, and I love flying…hopefully, at some point this year, I will be headed to the airport as a customer, not a visitor☺.

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