There is nothing like the perfect New York night: great food, drinks, amazing company, the ability to hail a cab at a moment’s notice and, the fact that although it’s winter, the temperature is extremely mild. You forget about the rest of the world and the night feels like it could last forever. Aside from my New Year’s Eve festivities, which don’t count because, everyone was out celebrating that night, I hadn’t had the perfect New York night in a while. That is, until this past friday.

Friday night, I ran home from work, showered, changed, and drove back into the city to meet a friend for dinner. It was my first time driving through the tunnel and, I’m sure that whoever was behind me was cursing me out but, it was a little scary so, I did the speed limit. I wanted to close my eyes but, figured that was a bad idea, so I just looked straight ahead.

We ended up catching a cab and heading downtown to this trendy restaurant in the East Village called, Momofuku. It has an Asian inspired American cuisine and, if that doesn’t confuse you enough, it boasts a menu that certainly will. Luckily, the waiters and waitresses are skilled in aiding your needs. Momofuku is not one of those place that you can just walk into and get seated right away; there’s always a wait. So, we walked over to the bar and waited for them to call our name.

They had some interesting wine choices. I, of course, went with a Pinot Blanc from Alscase, which I stuck with through the rest of our stay there and, my friend started off with a scotch drink (the name of which escapes me) but switched to a red of my choice during dinner. I cannot tell you exactly what we had because, honestly, I don’t know, but everything there was delicious.

After dinner, we hailed a cab and went a little ways uptown to a cute bar for some drinks. That’s sort of what you do in the city; bounce around from one place to the next, always going to multiple places in one night. New York is, after all, the city that never sleeps. We had a couple of drinks there, then called it a night and, I stayed at my friend’s place because I wasn’t about to get back in the car. Of course, with the wine and the not sleeping at my place, I had to wait until the following night for a decent sleep, but that didn’t matter; the perfect New York evening does not consist of a good night’s rest, it’s about every moment leading up to it.

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