If you don’t already know, I have never been a fan of Brooklyn.  Why is this?  For starters, I prefer living in an area that is quiet.  I like walking down the street and barely seeing people (with the exception of people in their cars or by their homes); the quiet suburbanish feel that you can’t really find in Brooklyn, the fact that the blocks (by me) don’t feel cramped with houses and cars and narrow streets…you feel like you can breathe when you step outside, as opposed to breathing in someone’s cigarette as they walk in front of you in a way that you cannot get around them and speed ahead (yes, that happened to me in Brooklyn yesterday when I was exploring a little).  I love the fact that my apartment is in a private house (and I have my own entrance!) instead of in an apartment building, where you have to worry about a lot of people living under the same roof.  In truth, I just love my neighborhood.  Don’t get me wrong, there are annoying aspects to it as well.  A big annoyance (as I have been told repetitively) is that, to get to most places, a car is required.  I, having lived in Whitestone for over a half dozen years, and not owning a car myself, am used to this challenge and am not bothered by it (ok, maybe I am sometimes).  I can walk to the Laundromat, drug store and a bunch of other stores that satisfy me day-to-day, and if I need to go elsewhere, there’s always a way (just maybe not a convenient one).   Honestly though, once I’m home, most of the time I do not venture far.

Enter Brooklyn, of which I have recently been spending a lot of time in.  Why, do you ask, have I been in Brooklyn?  My boyfriend.  Last weekend, Billy moved there with two of his best friends.  They found a nice three bedroom in a Cobble Hill, and now I am forced to spend time there.  Yesterday, after having lunch with Billy’s parents and sister (who came to see his new place), and walking around the neighborhood a bit with them (apparently, walking is all anyone does in Brooklyn), I snatched his keys and stepped out on my own instead of sitting in front of the TV with Billy and his roommates.  I figured that I’d take a little walk and then come back and watch TV with them…but really, I was on a mission.  There was a small wine store that we passed by on route back to his house earlier that afternoon that I wanted to check out (which I gave as the reason for my leaving), but also, I wanted to check out a clothing/accessory shop that I saw, which was just a few blocks in a different direction. 

Upon exiting the building, there was a group of kids walking two dogs.  They took up the whole block so I couldn’t walk in front of them and was forced to walk at a slower pace…until I came to the intersection where they slowed down even more and I was able to speed up and walk in front of them.  A couple of minutes later I walked into the store.  There was a bunch of scarves and gloves, purses (handbags and evening bags), jewelry, and clothes; everything that I had expected it to have, but nothing that I ultimately wanted to buy.  There was a pair of white with light grey striped gloves that I really loved, but they were partially angora, so I gazed at them and ultimately put them back down.  I love the feeling of angora, and the gloves would have been warm, but angora sheds everywhere which can get irritating after the initial love for the item wears off…not to mention the fact that my winter coats are all wool (and dark colors), and the hairs would show up right away.  Maybe I’ll go back in there and get them anyway, lol…  There was a necklace that I liked, and a clutch, but I didn’t like either of them enough for the price that was being charged.  Oh, and the clothes were all really weird and had odd patterns on them.  Needless to say, I walked out of the store with nothing. 

The next stop on my journey was the little wine shop.  I, who have a favorite wine store, have trouble buying from other places (although recently I just found two places that ship two wines I love that my belov’ed store does not carry, so I guess I am branching out…a little).  I honestly am never as satisfied with a bottle unless it comes from my store.  Before I even venture to my wine store, I go onto their website and do a little research (ok, a lot of research) on the type of wine that I want, and I read (and read, and read, and read) until I select a few that I want to try, a few being a stack that I want to try of which I allow myself a few different bottles to choose and actually purchase.  I really do love my wine store.  But, seeing how I am supposed to be giving Brooklyn a chance, I walked into the little wine shop and looked around.  The first thing I noticed that irritated me was that, although the wine did seem to be separated by country, the sections were not labeled.  Also, being a little shop, they didn’t have a huge selection…though I wasn’t expecting them to.  I ended up purchasing two bottles: a California Chardonnay (because I was in the mood for a buttery Chardonnay) and a 2005 Bordeaux (both of which were opened last night, although the Bordeaux was not finished) and then went back to his place. 

All in all, I was gone for about an hour, and unless I had walked in the door with a big shopping bag (other than the wine), I totally could have ended up purchasing those gloves and gotten away with it (I have been banned from shopping… 😦 ).  My thoughts of Brooklyn have yet to be changed.  I don’t think I’ll ever get over my preference of a suburbanish feel over a city feel, but there are a lot of things to do in walking distance (there’s a yoga place a few blocks away that I’m going to check out), and, most importantly, my boyfriend is there.  Brooklyn at least gets points for that! 🙂

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