I am not sure if I have confessed this already, but with the series coming to its demise, I’d like to share some thoughts on…Gossip Girl.  Yes, I said it.  I have been obsessed with this show ever since it first aired, and in less than two weeks – with, gasp, only two episodes left – I will have to say goodbye.  Where will my Monday evenings go from here?

I hate when TV shows that I love end.  I spend years culminating my relationships with the characters and feeding off of the plotlines just to have it all yanked away from me.  Don’t get me wrong, there are definitely some shows that need to end (they all do eventually, sigh) but Gossip Girl is not one of them, at least not the way that they’re doing it…if only they would give us a whole final season instead of a partial one.

To completely embarrass myself, I will also confess a show that, although I will always love, was on for a season or two more than it should have been.  7th Heaven.  A few months back I discovered a channel that reruns it during the week, and of course I watch it all the time (style reruns Gossip Girl on Wednesday nights, fyi).  It took me a little while to confess this to my boyfriend, because I knew that he would make fun of me…eventually I did and he does, constantly.

Back to Gossip Girl, and here’s where the tie-in with 7th Heaven comes in.  Something that I love about this season, besides of course, the fact that Chuck and Blair seem to finally be on the right path towards each other (I would have been very upset if it did not end this way), is the fact that Barry Watson, who was on 7th Heaven, had a guest spot.  Although his relationship was doomed from the start, he was after all dating Serena, it was nice to see him on the little screen again. Growing up watching him on 7th Heaven, he was the older brother that I always wanted but never had.

And if I haven’t embarrassed myself enough, the concept of Gossip Girl originally came from a series of books by the same name, written by Cecily von Ziegesar, and I am thinking of purchasing the first one.  I have been told by my boyfriend that I am a book snob because I tend to stay away from mainstream books…perhaps this will count in my favor, although, he still wants me to finish Game of Thrones…one day I will finish it!

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