Last Friday, the count-down to the end of my twenties and (gasp) beginning of my thirties commenced.  I have never been one to care about age before, so why should it be any different now?  Age is only a number after all, and if my birthday was any indication on how the year will go, I say, come on thirty!

It started off like any other week-day, except for the fact that I was wearing a date-dress during the day (covered up with a sweater).  After work, I hurried downtown to meet Billy at our favorite restaurant in Little Italy.  The food was delicious as usual; we shared a bottle of wine and veal parmigiana, and each had our own pasta.  I dream about their pasta.  Then we headed to Brooklyn, where I got my present (finally!  I had been hearing about said present for about a month).  I have the most amazing boyfriend; he bought me a beautiful necklace, and I have to say, my eyes started tearing a little as he put it on me.  I’ve never loved something so much or felt so much love from one person.  I have not taken the necklace off since.  Okay, that’s a lie.  I’ve taken it off to shower and sleep since I don’t want anything to happen to it. 

A little later, I freshened up my makeup, changed into jeans and we set off to meet friends for drinks.  It was a lot of fun, filled with old friends and new, and we were out for quite a while.  We ended the night walking home in the rain (more like drizzle), getting into pajamas and eating the rest of my pasta from dinner…and ice cream :).  Speaking of ice cream, I also now own an ice cream maker, something that I’ve wanted ever since I was a little girl (my favorite American Girl character made ice cream in one of her books), and cannot wait to make ice cream in the very near future.

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