The popular reality show Survivor has been on for quite a while, nearly thirteen years to be exact, but until a few weeks ago, I had never seen one episode despite the popularity of it.  It was a Wednesday evening, and Billy and I were flipping through channels trying to decide what to put on.  We flipped on Survivor, and since one of our friends is a huge fan of the show, decided to give it a chance.  I have to say, it was entertaining.  I haven’t turned the new season on since, but Billy has been watching it.

Fast forward to last Thursday.  I spent the night (my birthday-eve) in Brooklyn so that I wouldn’t have to lug around an overnight bag to dinner on Friday.  Billy pops in a dvd of a previous Survivor season (All Stars) and we become hooked, watching multiple episodes a night, even waking up on Sunday morning at my apartment to watch one.  After realizing that there was only one more episode left and that I could not persuade Billy to give me the last dvd before he saw it, I traveled back with him to Brooklyn to have tea (I left my new tea infuser there by accident) and watch the final episode.  Although we had already known who was going to win, we were still hooked.  I don’t think I’ll ever become obsessed with the show, but I can definitely see myself watching a few seasons of it.

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